Printmaker and Artist John Andrew Burmeister

Printmaker and Artist John Andrew Burmeister will be at the Nuance Galleries in St. Petersburg, Saturday November 16th to demonstrate handmade printmaking the old fashion way.

Rembrandt made his prints this way in the 1600’s. Anyone interested in art history and the origins of the artistic process will enjoy this fascinating art and craft process created and used by the masters.

Rembrandt said of his prints, “The deepest and most lifelike emotion has been expressed, and that’s the – reason they have taken so long to execute.”

John Andrew Burmeister has recently returned from South Carolina and is working on a series of Etching of his favorite subjects in St Petersburg and Tampa. He loves original prints and making etchings has become his art of choice.

John started drawing in the first grade where he would regularly use up all of his paper and anyone else’s paper he could get his hands on, drawing everything he could see outside, through the window in his classroom.

He endured regular scolding’s from his teachers, but John Andrew Burmeister was on a path that would become his continuing life’s work.

Painting nature is almost always John’s subject. The two painting shown here have a “drawing like” quality that’s hard to miss. John Burmeister has always been heavily influence by his favorite Painter-Printmaker Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn.

“Choose only one master – Nature” – Rembrandt

Rembrandt’s influence on John is apparent when you compare their work. John uses the same cross hatching technique as Rembrandt, combined with dry point to get an incredible sense of nature’s textures.

You can almost feel the wind blowing. This painstaking hand drawing on a plate, by scratching into metal is extremely difficult and time consuming and it is rare in this day and age of mass and instant printing.

Be a good craftsman; it won’t stop you being a genius.   -Renoir

Old Intaglio-Etching press

How can a Print be Original…answer; make it by hand. Intaglio is Italian for carved or recessed. It is most often called an Etching Press but the Intaglio Press is also use to make Mezzotint, Aquatint, Engravings, Mono prints and others.

“The drawing on the plate is the art and the printing is the craft”-   John Burmeister

When making etchings the drawing part is not in the traditional sense. Instead of charcoal or pencil to create the drawing to produce an Etching, the artist scratches and carves a plate of copper or zinc. Artist John Burmeister still uses the same basic tools that Rembrandt used to create his original prints; needles and scribes, however any sharp objects can and have been used. The Intaglio press has been used to create a small limited series of hand made prints since the 15th century.  Dry Point Etching tools

The plate is inked, and then wiped clean so that the ink lies only in these recesses. A print is made when damp paper is laid onto the plate, and the two are rolled under pressure together in the press.

John Andrew Burmeisters work is our newest addition to Nuance Galleries.

Originally from Florida John studied graphic art, design, printmaking and photography at Tampa Technical Institute, Valencia Community College, and       the Crealde School of Art. He participated in several shows in Florida and was awarded the Vanessa Bell Award for printmaking.

He was also employed with the Disney Company as a costume illustrator. His work is in the collection of the Maitland Art Center Museum.

He moved to South Carolina where he settled in Charleston and specializes in making etchings of the area. While there he published a limited edition of 50 hand made books. All of the images in the book are etchings in the style of the New Charleston Renaissance.

John Andrew Burmeister is now living back in the Tampa bay area and many of the pieces you will see at the show will be his latest work of St Petersburg and Tampa for his second book.

Bring the whole family meet John and learn about this fascinating art and craft process and its historical value in art history.

Painter Tylor Ikin will also be in attendance demonstrating her watercolor technique of painting on Yupo.

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