“New Works New Stories” by Ikin and Waller

Nuance Galleries of Tampa and St. Petersburg is proud to present:

Two Women Show “New Works New Stories” by Taylor Ikin and Laura Waller

Oct 18th 2013

Nuance Galleries in Tampa is proud to host two exceptional Artist Taylor Ikin & Laura Waller. Both  Artist will be in our Tampa Gallery opening night with their new work and telling their stories.

This exclusive presentation by these brilliant artists will be on Saturday Oct. 18th from 6 – 9 pm and you’ll be impressed with the exhibit and the level of the amazing work and passion that is so evident in this art.

Ikin and Taylor both share a passion for painting natural and historic places and work hard to preserve Historic landmarks.

Taylor Ikin is well known for her work as an environmentalist, with her beautiful paintings of the woodlands using Watercolor applied to Yupo, and has currently been painting on a new surface called Terra Skin that’s made from stone.

Taylor Ikin also teaches art in the United States and the Caribbean and is currently on the Board of the Gasparilla Festival of Arts and the Leepa Rattner Museum of Art, and is a Signature Member of the Florida Watercolor Society and the Florida Artists Group.

Ms Taylors work is collected worldwide, including the Vatican Collection in Rome Italy and she has put together a beautiful selection of her new work for this exclusive art show in Tampa.

Laura Waller is returning to Tampa from a successful exhibition of her work at the National Wildlife Refuge in Rockland Maine, as well as the winner of best of show at the Alliance for the Arts at the 27th Annual All Florida Juried Show, for her Oil Painting titled “Owl Head”

Laura is currently working on both coast of the United States and has captured the not so subtle differences that the two vastly different and beautiful landscapes have to offer.

Laura Waller has captured the west coast of the United States with its huge cliffs and the view of the beaches, which is usually from a distance that makes for stunning vistas that perfectly put into perspective what a small part of this beautiful world we are.

Laura Wallers’s east coast paintings of Maine offer us a unique landscape all its own, with its beautiful harbors and accessible beaches. Laura tries to spend a couple of months a year in Maine and she’s captured the beauty of one of the world’s most beautiful places, with its historic and scenic harbors along with its beautiful seascapes.

Laura said “Oils take a lot more concentration but allow me to get this softness that allows me to paint the atmospheric or enigmatic nature of the coast. I seek to capture the unique ambience and changing mood of the region. “

This is a unique opportunity to meet with these award winning artist, who have mastered their craft and their techniques of painting, offering us a fascinating look these very different styles and the way each painter approaches her craft. This is going to be a great show featuring Laura Waller and Taylor Ikin most recent work and a great chance for you to meet with these two fascinating women.

Once again Nuance Galleries is presenting an Art Show and once again this Art Show is no exception and as always we hope you’ll be here to celebrate this wonderful event with us and your friends.

                             We look forward to seeing you… Robert Rowen