Jorge Rodriguez Cedeño

Jorge Rodriguez Cedeño was born in Bayamo, Cuba in 1973 and  obtained prominence in his specialty of classical Cuban landscape painting. He and his brother, Alfredo, often travel and paint together.

His paintings evoke the true spirit of the Cuban countryside portraying the campesinos and their way of life, their simple homes and livestock, often set before a spectacular backdrop of mountains. He is famous for capturing these scenes in the early morning, or evening hours, taking full advantage of, and beautifully representing, the unique atmosphere of this tropical region.

He is a National Award-Winning artist whose paintings have make their way into collective exhibitions and private collections worldwide.

Works by Jorge Rodriguez Cedeño were also included in the recent 4-year tour of the U.S. titled: “Cuba Oriente: Contemporary Painting from Eastern Cuba” which was managed by Meridian International Center of Washington, DC.