Andres Borges Reyes

ANDRES BORGES REYES, born Nov 4th, 1970 in the city of Baracoa, Cuba.

His talent surfaced at an early age, with his drawings and even poetry drawing attention before the age of 10. He began studying drawing and painting soon after, and has never stopped, learning from all of his teachers. He also studied languages, and is fluent in Dutch, English, French, German, as well as Spanish. Borges is now based in Holland, where his home gallery is located, and from where he exhibits throughout Europe. The paintings you see here show one aspect of Borges diversity, as he is also a fine figurative

 Fine artist and poet.  He has  participated in several solo and numerous art exhibitions in Cuba and abroad; and some of his works are part of one of the largest private collections of Cuban art that has been exhibited in several museums in the United States.

The work of this artist -as well as his life- is a melange of different styles and techniques. Usage of spatulas, brushes or simply the hands, fingers and nails, obtaining a work of images and values that influence and reach people in a conceptual and rich expressive way; in many of the cases bound to its poetic work.

“… I always need a change, a pause ; that  is why,  when I work in a series, suddenly feel the need to splash other canvases, then return to that series I was working on. I think the mood is of major significance  when there is a dialogue with the canvas. Art is dedication, desire, passion, and not every day an artist can reveal life and its plots with the same tones or same design. The fact that my paintings or installative works is immersed in different styles, makes me feel more comfortable and at ease with my creative mind. ”   A. Borges