La Magia de sus Pintores (The Painter’s Magic)

La Magia de sus Pintores - Nuance Galleries
La Magia de sus Pintores – Nuance Galleries

By Elexis J. Fernandez Rubio Navarro and Rosendo Romero Suarez

This book is the first book to bring together the most representative works and artists of Cuba’s earliest settlement. Baracoa founded in 1492 by Christopher Columbus was the first capital, but because of it’s isolation from the rest of the country by a mountain range was replaced by Santiago. Yet the beauty of this city has always attracted writers, poets and artists. Among the artists in the book Nuance represents Guillermo Orlando Piedra Labanino, Jeho Rodriguez Saname, Roel Caboverde Llacer, and Mildo Matos Carcases. One of the authors Rosendo Romero Suarez visited Nuance last July 2015 and shared the challenges of the arts in Cuba and the amazing talent of this region. The book was published by the Friendship Association a non-profit organization based in St. Augustine that works to support good relationships with artists from Cuba and the US. This December, Tampa artist Taylor Ikin and Sarasota artist Jean Blackburn will be part of an exhibition honoring Cuban artist Rogelio Martinez in Guantanamo, Cuba organized by the Friendship Association. This book is one of the ways they support the arts of Cuba. It is for sale at Nuance Galleries for $25

Still Showing – Taylor Ikin and Matt Stock

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STILL SHOWING thru November


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Love Those Palms, Watercolor on Yupo by Taylor Ikin


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Study in Blue, photograph by Matt Stock 


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Morning Hike, Watercolor on Yupo by Taylor Ikin 


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Heaven’s Gate, Photograph by Matt Stock


Our Cuban Collection featuring Caboverde, Lasseria, Ochoa, Rodriguez, Ferrer, Pavon, Pagan, Quiala, Pouyo, Yendi, Piedra, Sanchez, Aguilera, Reyes and more….


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La Fuga, oil by Joherms Quiala Brooks



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Pescadore con Redes, oil by Caboverde


Our gallery is always a visual treat as we exhibit art from our Cuban collection, our many great Florida artists and the great artists like Alvar, Pino, Sam Park, Viktor Shvaiko and Charles Fazzino.







Many in the art world are taking notice of the talented Cuban artists. Cuba has always maintained a unique reputation in the international world of fine arts.  The state-sponsored Villa Manuela Gallery in Havana, which opened in 2004, is on the cutting edge of contemporary Cuban art. The market is hot and the prices for Cuban art are climbing at galleries and auction houses around the world. Many major museums are adding to their Cuban collections. Sotheby’s just broke their auction record for a Cuban artist work 2 months ago.  A Mario Carre painting “Danza Afro-Cubana” sold for $2.6 million, three times the estimate.

2014 Cuban Art News


You don’t have to travel to Cuba or NY to be part of this exciting opportunity to see and purchase great Cuban art.  Tampa Bay is home to the Clyde Hensley Museum Collection at Nuance Galleries.  This traveling exhibition from the US State Department visited 18 cities over 4 years before ending up in Tampa Bay.

As part of this Hot Tampa show Dr. Denis Rey, Professor from University of Tampa and an expert on the political and cultural landscape of Cuba will be talking Wednesday night at Nuance Galleries at 7pm. Would you enjoy learning more about Cuba?  Here is your chance to hear and meet a man who has traveled there extensively and is a fascinating and insightful speaker.

The Clyde Hensley Collection represents the works of 15 artists from Oriente, the eastern most part of Cuba.  Over 300 pieces in several mediums like oil, woodblock and water color it spans from super realism, surrealism to abstract.  Some of the works capture the political climate and struggles of Cuba and this is an incredible art experience.

With the potential opening of Cuba, Cuban art prices have started to rise and the searchlight of the art market is beginning to focus on this small island.  So now is the time as shown in the auction gallery records to procure something meaningful for your own collection.

Three artists to not miss from this collection are Alfredo Rodriguez Cedeno, Reynaldo Pagan Avila and Joherms Quiala Brooks whose masterpieces were used in the posters and promotional literature for the Museum shows.

Don’t Miss this rare Cuban art show and the highly informative talk by Professor Dennis Rey.

Wednesday July 16th



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A Renaissance in Florida that’s Surprising the Art World

New York’s long claim of being the center of the Art World which started soon after World War II with the abstract expressionist golden era. New Yorkers are aware of this status and would have trouble taking California art seriously; so what would they have to say about art in Florida?

In a recent article in Interview magazine: “Sotheby’s says, Art Basel, Miami Beach has quickly become the most important contemporary art event in America.”




Nuance Galleries of Tampa Bay has been representing Artists for over 30 years, while Collecting and Selling special Art finds and Custom Framing everything from Collectibles to Large Corporate Installations. Like many galleries in Miami; Nuance is also experiencing a resurgence of new gallery artist and new original works for their clients.

Several Internationally prominent artists have their home studios on the West Coast of Florida, like Robert Rauschenberg of Captiva Island and James Rosenquist of Aripeka. Back in 1973 Rosenquist rented two store fronts on 7th Ave in Ybor City as his studio.

Nuance Galleries represents many national and international artists.  One of the finest is Charles Fazzino, who In 2009, came to Tampa Super Bowl XLIII and did the amazing painting below (center);  while he was here he had a sell out show at Nuance.

These artists and many others have had a huge impact in helping to make the west coast of Florida a recognized place for the arts.

The Nuance Cuban Gallery Selection is a visual delight to see and experience, with over 200 paintings from Cuba’s finest artists including Caboverde Yacer, who was an art instructor at the Guantanamo School of Fine Art in the Oriente Province of Eastern CubaSince 1999  Caboverde has attracted much international attention, resulting from the success of his first two one-man shows in Europe his last major show was in Paris, France. He currently resides in Baracoa, where he is an art teacher at the municipal cultural center near Santiago de Cuba, the second largest city in Cuba.  If you’re interested in seeing Nuances entire collection of Cuban Art, call the gallery and set up a private viewing.



unnamed (4)
Romance of the Pescadores 
Oil Painting 49×36 by Caboverde

Nuance has accepted five new Gallery Artists this year, including Keith Martin Johns, born the son of a fisherman in Englewood, FL. Johns has been painting Florida’s Nature most of his life and this year at 59 he is graduating with a Masters in Fine Art from *Academy of Art University in San Francisco.(

Flight before Night by Johns Oil Painting 16×20

Keith Martin Johns

Nuance Galleries has just re-designed its entire Custom Framing Facility and Art Storage with working space for archiving new work.

After all; this is still a growing gallery for the arts, and considering Florida’s recent rise to prominence in the art world, they are in the right place at the right time.

With the tremendous growth of the International and Latin American Corridor through Miami and Tampa, Nuance Galleries has become the leader in the Tampa Bay Area for the Florida Art Renaissance.Nuance Galleries has 15 Latin Artist mostly Cuban, like Jose Aguilera who has won 33 provincial and national awards as well as 30 international shows. He was an instructor at the José Joaquín Tejada Art School in Santiago de Cuba and the Art Education Department at the University of Oriente and the Higher Institute of Education (ISE), where he taught drawing and engraving.

Salud de Maestro  Engraving 9×20  by Aguilera

Make sure you check out this months  Art & Education EVENT at Nuance Galleries:

For more information on Nuance Galleries new art, artist and art education events please leave your email on our contact page;  give them a call or drop by the gallery and see for yourself.

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Artists Peter Pettegrew and Dena Tollefson

“The Traditional Brush and the Contemporary Knife”

Traditional and Contemporary Realism;  side by side in this wonderful two person Art Show featuring Peter Pettegrew, one of Florida’s favorite landscape painters who will be showing his new Impressionist oil paintings and charcoal drawings.

Dena Tollefson is coming from Iowa with her unique, highly textured, brain-teasing contemporary pallet knife oil paintings that are extremely popular.

Nuance Galleries in St Petersburg is kicking off this second show of the year in full gear with a dual show and reception for these two distinguished Painters from very different disciplines and styles.

Nuance Galleries is the official representative for Dena Tollefson and Peter Pettegrew with two locations in Tampa and St Petersburg.

The Art show is open to the public Saturday, February 8th from 5pm to 9pm and will continue through March 1st.

Impressionist Landscape Artist Peter Pettegrew: Peter’s oil painting and drawings express a love for Mother Nature that is unmatched, because there is an organic connection which comes from his decades of painting and sketching on location.

With his Peter’s masterful brushes and charcoals he indulges in his desired subject, working Plein Air in National Parks and Preservation lands while painstakingly capturing nature’s subtle gradation of light and color as shown here in this Youtube video. from the Documentary Film”Heart of a Landscape Painter about art of PeterPettegrew (

Like the places he paints, Pettegrew remains a true purest to the impressionists of the past. Peter has been compared to John Singer Sargent ( who had an early enthusiasm for landscapes, not portraiture, as evidenced by his voluminous sketches full of mountains, seascapes.

Another comparison often mentioned is one Florida’s greatest Landscape painters Beanie Backus. (

In 2011 Pettegrew had a one man show at the Backus Museum, located in Ft. Pierce, Florida. A.E. Backus was one of Florida’s premier painters who’s work later inspired a group of black artists who he mentored, which later became known as the Florida Highwaymen. (

See Pettegrew’s biography for his other Museum shows and complete information.

“Mother Earth shows me her beauty and I continue her expression”……..Peter Pettegrew
“You can’t do sketched enough.Sketch everything and keep your curiosity fresh”…John Singer Sargent

Contemporary Realist Painter Dena Tollefson: has a no-holds-barred approach to Painting that is immediately realized as soon as you see the paintings. Her very unique mature style stresses contours and vibrant tonal transitions, which often transformed the subject into a powerful fancy with a Realist edge.

Her oil paints are applied with a palette knife isolating cupped shapes of color; she then applies large daubs of paint with a serving spoon, allowing ridges of paint which catch the light.

Executed in Vibrant hues, with an intentional style these pallet Knife paintings have strong painterly impact on the viewer.

Even though their application is completely different Tollefsons bold colors and flower paintings have a Georgia O’ Keefe mood ( but Dena’s painting are like a hallucination with a magical journey built in.

“I simply paint what I see,” ……..from O’Keeffe’s essays published in 1987

“I work from life, creating joyful paintings which explore the flow of light and energy through living things…I am especially interested in abstract patterns and movement.”

Peter Pettegrew

From the beginning Peter did drawing ss a youth, his world was centered in Monterey Bay, California, and it was here that his compelling encounters with the ocean inspired sketches. As early as four years of age, his aunt, who was a painter, recognized his talent and insisted to his mother that he only be given blank paper; no coloring books.

By ten years of age, Peter was already studying with one of the older marine painters in the Bay Area, so his first interest and his first paintings were of the ocean seascapes and then landscape.

His formal art education began when he applied and qualified for admission to Harbor Senior High in Santa Cruz, California, LINK a prestigious and progressive school dedicated to advancing the development of artistic skills and creative freedom.

After moving to Florida, Pettegrew went on to attend the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale LINK, where he studied drawing and painting as well as graphic art techniques that he now employs in his work with hand-pulled serigraphs, stone lithographs, and originals. After his formal education, he furthered went on to study through his detailed research of the Master Impressionists and plein air painters of the early 19th Century and was also heavily influenced by the Hudson River School Painters which was mid-19th century American art movement embodied by a group of landscape painters whose aesthetic vision was influenced by romanticism. (

Dena Tollefson

She was born in 1965, graduated from Iowa State University in 1988 and lived in Dallas Texas before returning to Iowa in 1991, where she developed her unique, highly textured oil painting style. Tollefson is a Certified Chartpak / Grumbacher Fine Art Painting Workshop Instructor.

Tollefson graduated from Iowa State University in 1988 and lived in Dallas Texas before returning to Iowa in 1991 where she developed her unique, highly textured oil painting style. She lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with her husband and 2 sons.

Her “Daubism” body of work is a unique process she developed, where “daubs” of individually mixed oil paint are applied with a palette knife. The largest daubs allow ridges of paint which catch the light and appear to dance and scintillate as the viewer moves past the painting. Tollefson’s work focuses on botanicals, ponds, skies, and her Corn Series of work and biographies where people are depicted as ears of corn.
Her work is highly tactile. Two of Dena Tollefson’s paintings are in the permanent collection of the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art.

Tollefson completed a set of 4 commissioned paintings for the CEO of Starcom Media Vest in downtown Chicago. Her works hang publicly and in private collections throughout the US.
She is represented in galleries nationally in Arizona, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and Florida. Two of Dena Tollefson’s paintings are in the permanent collection of the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art. Dena Tollefson has participated in juried shows in Texas, New York, California and Georgia and has won awards at the national… [See Tollefson biography for complete information on the artist]

We also feature monthly special art and historical exhibitions, poetry readings : Please join on our mailing list and we’ll notify you about all upcoming events.

Meet Artist Neil Adamson and Stacy Barter

Friday February 7th for opening night 6 – 9 pm show runs thru the 25th

Nuance Galleries Tampa 804 South Dale Mabry (link to blog below)
Watch  this just filmed Television interview with Neil Adamson

Two of the Country’s Best Realist Painters: Stacy Barter and Neil Adamson

Two of the Countries Best Realist Painters, Stacy Barter  and Neil Adamson Showing Together For The First Time at Nuance Galleries in St Petersburg

Saturday  Jan. 11 2014  5:00pm to 9:30pm
One Women One Man Realist Show 2924 Central Ave, St Petersburg FL


This Dual show opens this Saturday night with both Artist present from 5:00pm until 9:30pm. These distinguished Painters are from very different disciplines; their styles, subjects and techniques are worlds apart. Yet both have become two of the finest realist painters in this country.

Adamson and Barter have both been artists most of their lives and have achieved masterful levels in there work and career. Both have won hundreds of prestigious State & National awards from juried art competitions all over the US and have had many gallery and museums shows which are listed in their biographies.

Neil H. Adamson a Realist Painter- AWS,NWS,FWS,PAA-M (view Neil’s bio)
Subjects: Primarily Wildlife and Landscape.
Medium: Diluted Acrylic on smooth rag board

“I particularly love Drawing & Painting scenes with Wildlife and water ”  …Neil Adamson

Stacy Barter a Realist Painter- OPA,NOAPS  (view Stacy’s bio)
Subject: Primarily People and Stile Life
Medium: Oil on Linen

“I love working from life, whether it’s from flowers or a model it is exhilarating and ever changing.” …Stacy Barter

When you view the original Paintings selected for this show at Nuance you will see new works along with some of the artists’ award winning peices. No doubt, both are natural talents but in the world of realism it takes many “years of hours” to gain the accuracy and refined skills needed to be a great Realist Painter. This genre is not for the painter who doesn’t have patience for detail ; realism of this nature demands an immersive relationship with the subject.

“Detail doesn’t make a great painting by it’s self”  Neil said in an interview.  “It take it all …composition use of color, drawing, light, negative space and for the detail I use brushes with one hair sometimes..I love the detail!”

 It is the choice and treatment of the subject matter that defines Realism as a movement in painting.

“At the heart of realist is the truthful portrayal of typical objects, events and people. Realist paintings tend to resonate strongly with many people because of their honest depiction of life as it exists. Realism paints real life in all its flawed glory, treating familiar objects, everyday people, and ordinary events as worthy subjects of realism art.”

Neil and Stacy come together for the first time for this rare event. Both artists will be sharing their special subjects and their personal experiences of living and working as artist.
Don’t miss this Second Saturday Art Walk Opening at Nuance St Pete
Artists like Neil Adamson And Stacy Barter are what have helped St Petersburg become the # 1 Art City in America for its size 3 years in a row.
Nuance Galleries is proud to be a part of this. As a member of the Downtown Arts Association, Nuance Galleries St Pete works with the Museums, Artist Studios and the other Galleries to keep St Pete #1, and continue the growth of all the arts in Downtown.

St Peteresburg did not instantly become the nation’s number one of the Top 25 Arts Destination for mid-sized U.S. cities (populations under 499,999)

For the third year in a row we in ‘The Burg’ won hands down. Tampa was voted 3rd in the nations by (

St Pete has had a steady increase in  year-round museum attendance and arts patronage—and, according to Rob Rowan this filters art into the everyday life of our community.

Hope to see you this Saturday, come meet and spend time with Stacy and Neil for our first big show of the year.


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Nuance Galleries 2nd Saturday Art Walk Event

Saturday December 14th 2013
Nuance Galleries 2nd Saturday Art Walk Event 5 to 9 pm

John Burmeister Etchings  Florida Old Boat House original Art Nuance Galleries
John Burmeister Etchings Florida Old Boat House

Printmaker John Andrew Burmeister is retuning this month to Nuance Galleries in St. Petersburg this Saturday night. John was so well received last month and the gallery received many calls from people that were unable to attend and wanted to meet the artist and learn more about his work. John will be here to explain the techniques of Intaglio printmaking; many of his new original works of St Pete and Charleston will be on display.

Taylor Ikin Painting Florida Gator Original Water Color Nuance Galleries
Taylor Ikin Painting Florida Gator Original Water Color

Also this Saturday Nuance will have its gift wall featuring smaller affordable art for some unique Christmas buying opportunities with special prices.
Taylor Ikin’s work will be on display. Her new watercolor painting on yupo titled Gator is a great gift item for you UF fans.

This Saturday we will also feature an inspired mixed preview of our exhibitions artist for 2014.
This group features artists from an intersection of ethics, race, culture and self-expression. Artists include
Neil Adamson, Stacy Barter, Dena Tollefson , Peter Pettegrew and a slice of our Cuban Artist collection for sale.

The rest of the show will include photo books, beautiful photo frames in gold and silver, miniature paintings and hand-made objects and some interesting golf scenes.

Other art and art objects Nuance Galleries
Other art and art objects Nuance Galleries

2013 was a fantastic year for Nuance Galleries-particulary because of our acquisition of the Clyde Hensley Cuban Art Museum Collection of over 300 paintings directly from the artist in Cuba and the opening of our second gallery in St Petersburg. Our thanks to all and if you haven’t been to Nuance galleries in St Petersburg, please join us for the show this Saturday or come by anytime, the show will be up through January 9 2014.

Nuance Galleries will be celebrating it’s 32nd years of art, frames and fun. We also feature monthly special art and historical exhibitions, poetry readings and even yoga classes:  Please join on our mailing list and we’ll notify you about all upcoming events.

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