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OPENING Friday, November 11TH  6-8 pm & TAYLOR IKIN DEMO AND NEIL ADAMSON GALLERY TALK  Saturday, November 12th  1-3 pm        exhibition through November 30th

Taylor Ikin and Neil Adamson are two of the top watercolor artists of Florida.  Taylor with her distinctive painting on Yupo has been recognized internationally as the ‘Queen of Yupo’ and her work has a very abstract flowing colorful style.  Neil on the other hand is a signature member of National Watercolor Society and American Watercolor Society, the two top honors you can receive in the field.  His realistic works depict birds, boats and landscapes.  The mixing of two artists in the same medium, but with totally different ways of capturing the beauty of the disappearing Florida wilderness will make this a visually stunning show.

Artist Bios


Taylor Ikin is widely known for her work on YUPO, a synthetic tree free surface. Her environmentally sensitive images have been exhibited in Museums throughout Florida and Virginia, including Florida house in Washington DC. Her unique approach and joy in making art are the frequent topic of articles in Watercolor Artist, The Artist and American Artist Magazines plus many books and the local press, and can be enjoyed through her DVD, Dancing With YUPO. She has taught regionally, nationally, and in the Caribbean as well as 15 years at the Gulf Coast Museum of Art and the Beach Art Center. Ikin now teaches at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center in Dunedin, FL with her Tuesday’s with Taylor and also at the Tampa Realistic Association on Mondays. Ikin has served 2 terms on the Board of the Arts Council of Hillsborough County. She is a Past President, Signature and Life Member of the Florida Watercolor Society having served as President and Board member for a total of 16 years, the Education Committee of the Tampa Museum of Art and the Restoration Committee of the Tampa Theater. She is currently on the Board of the Gasparilla Festival of Arts and the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art and The Florida Artist Group (FLAG). Her work is collected world-wide, including Australia, the Caribbean, the British Isles, Europe, Canada the Vatican Collection, Rome Italy.


Born in Manchester, Connecticut, and a Florida resident since 1950, Neil decided in 1972 to devote his full time to painting the disappearing Florida wilderness and shoreline, although he continues to take occasional painting trips through New England.

Neil is the recipient of over 140 awards for his watercolors which include watercolors accepted in the American Watercolor Society’s 108th Annual Show. He was selected for their yearly circuit and again for their 110th Annual Show in New York. In the American Watercolor Society’s 120th Annual Exhibition, he won the Arjomari/Arches Paper Award and his work was picked for the traveling show.

Two of the artist’s works were chosen by the St. Petersburg Museum to be part of its Art Embassy Program. These paintings were on loan to the Australian Embassy during 1989-1992.

The November-December 1989 issue of Florida Wildlife contained a special write-up on Adamson’s work. He was the first artist to be selected by the Foundation Realty Fund (Raymond James Properties) for the Foundation of Fine Art. He was invited by the Salmangundi Club of New York City to be the Official Artist for the Coast Guard Art Program.

Adamson was one of 200 artists in the USA chosen to show in Walt Disney World’s 1975- 1st Annual Art Show at Lake Buena Vista. Since 1970 he has received the Eliot O’Hara Watercolor Award, People’s Choice Award, Governor’s Award, Best of Show Award, Everett Dirkson Award and First Place from the Florida Federation of Artists.

The artist has exhibited at National Academy Gallery and the American Watercolor Society, New York; Viola Gallery, Greenwich, Connecticut; Galerie of the Gold Lion, New Orleans, Louisiana and throughout Florida.

Adamson is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society, Florida Watercolor Society and an associate member of the American Watercolor society.

He was one of seven artists to be invited to show at the Florida State Audubon Society’s Animal Convention at Kissimmee, Florida 1992.

He was a nominee for the 1991-1992 Friends of the Arts Award, by the Pinellas County Arts Council, in recognition of outstanding contribution to the growth and development of the arts in Pinellas County.

The artist had a painting selected again for the prestigious American Watercolor Society’s 128th annual exhibition in New York City winning the Mary S. Litt Medal. Neil was one of forty artists picked for the Society’s traveling exhibition. This is the fourth time in his career, his work has been selected. Work was also selected for the top 100 traveling 1995 Arts for the Parks national show in Jackson Hole, Wyoming- and again in 2003. His work has been selected for four major watercolor books: Splash l in 1991, Splash ll in 1992, Splash lV in 1996, and Enliven Your Paintings With Light. All published by North Light Books. Neil’s paintings can be found in prominent corporate offices and private collections around the world, including Saudi Arabia, Canada, England, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Italy, Germany, and Sweden, as well as throughout the United States.



Jose Aguilera Vicente
Jose Aguilera Vicente

Carlos will be traveling from his Bellafonte Art Museum exhibition in Pennyslvania.(
This is an important family of artists from Cuba who have had shows in  New York, the Dominican Republic, throughout Latin America and Europe. The show is a collection and of original prints and paintings from the studio of his Cuban family. He will share his and the the works of his father the great Cuban artist and teacher Jose Aguilera Vicente.

Jose Aguilera Vicente
Jose Aguilera Vicente

CARLOS RENE has become one of the hot artists in Havana today. He lives in Santiago, the capital of  Oriente Cuba. There has been 18 Museums and Art Centers shows around the U.S. in the last 20 years; all with artist from Santiago including Carlos Rene’s father Jose.  Articles written about the these Artist and their exibitions have appeared in the Wall Street Journal,Washington Post, Palm Beach Post, Havana Journal,The Providence Journal and the Washington Diplomat. Now with a new generation of Oriente artist Cuba is once again being  honored with this amazing exhibition at  Bellafonte Art Museum .

This will be an exceptional treat for the mind and the eyes right here in Tampa at Nuance Gallery this weekend.


FUNDRAISER FOR BARACOA, Baracoa is located on the spot where Christopher Columbus landed in Cuba on his first voyage. It is thought that the name stems from the indigenous Arauaca language word meaning “the presence of the sea”. It is located on the eastern southern tip of the Oriente and was one of the worse hit areas of Hurricane  Matthew


The New Cuban Art Show at Nuance Galleries

Nuance Art Galleries is proud to feature new original paintings from three of the most relevant artist working in Cuba today. Their powerful work is part of a new show at Nuance and a new book available at the gallery on the artists of Baracoa City, the first capital of Cuba. “The Painters’ Magic” ( La Magia de sus Pintores )

Cuban artists Guillermo Orlando Piedra Labanino, Jeho Rodriguez Saname, and Mildo Matos Carcases who all have a large collectors base in  Europe and the Dominican Republic are now represented in the U.S. by Nuance Galleries of Tampa Florida.

Jeho was recently in the U.S. as the special honored guest for the Tampa Hispanic Bar Associations for a Spanish scholarship fundraiser.  He attended two opening nights of Nuance Galleries “New Cuban Art Show” last month featuring his newest paintings along with many other artist in the book including, Roel Caboverde Llacer and Mildo Matos Carcases. The “New Cuban Art Show” is continuing at Nuance Galleries through the end of August.

Nuance represents over 15 Cuban Artist and has almost 300 of their paintings in stock. Please come by and see the show.

Hours: Mon – Friday 10am to 5pm Saturday 10am to 4pm or call to set up an appointment for a private viewing.

Jeho, (Jehovanny Rodriguez Saname)

Jeho. El Eqiulibrista. Oil. 27.5x31
Jeho. El Eqiulibrista. oil. 27.5×31

Jeho graduated in education in the specialty of Plastic Arts, and studied at the University of Pedagogical Sciences Frank Pais of Santiago de Cuba, 1990 – 1995. Currently, he lives and works in Baracoa, Cuba.  He has participated in two exhibits in Sarasota, Florida; and a group exhibition in Cincinnati, Ohio. Internationally, he has participated in events and won several top awards.  He is also a photographer and has had his photographs in solo exhibitions and they have been used as illustrations in several books. His posters have been used in international events sponsored by the U.N. He takes great pride in his dedication teaching and preparing children to be future artists. Besides being represented at Nuance Galleries, he has galleries in Europe who have been showing his works. He is included in the book- Baracoa de Cuba- La Magia de sus Pintores


Piedra, (Guillermo Orlando Piedra Labanino)

Piedra began his art studies under Oscar Nelson, who shaped Piedra’s artistic potential, opening the way for his entry into the Academy of Fine Arts in Santiago de Cuba in 1967. But Piedra’s decisive formation took place at the National School for Art Education in Havana where he studied under excellent teachers, visited art museums, and was exposed to many stimuli that inspired his creative process. During the 1980’s, his energy took many forms. He was a cyclist, a tenor in the Worker’s Chorus, an illustrator for the literary magazine Maguana, an actor with the theatrical company Yonque, and an art teacher, distinguishing himself as an outstanding –watercolorist. Not until the 1990’s did Piedra decide to devote all of his talent to the visual arts. As co-founder and active member of the Tibaracon Group, he brought his deeply ingrained cultural identity and his personal history together in a singular series entitled “Baracoada”. His art gallery/studio La Musa has become a center for intense study by many students who approach the artist for  guidance and direction in their painting. Piedra’s versatile technique intertwines with local customs and the reality of social condition to surprise and seduce the viewer with his creative spins. (see more from this artist here)

Mildo Matos Carcases Bio

Member of the Association of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC)

From early childhood Mildo demonstrated a strong interest in a social group that had been gently influenced by the cultural legacy of the Taino people. His academic formation as an artist began in 1984 when he enrolled in a course for art teachers in Guantanamo. He graduated with a degree in art education in 1993. In 1987 he co-founded and became the director of the Tibaracon Group. In this same year, he began a series of paintings in which he incorporated, metaphorically, mathematical games. In 1992, he completed a series using a surrealist expressionist style. By the end of 1994, Mildo entered his contemporary period with initial studies in symbolism. His principal points of reference became the origins of the Cuban and Caribbean Taino peoples with which he creates anthropomorphic and zoomorphic beings, geometric and schematic in form, derived from aboriginal mythology.

Reflections by Mildo –  Painting is like an addiction. I couldn’t live without painting. Many times my dreams have influenced changes I have made in the form and content of my painting. I also draw inspiration from my studies and my own experimentation. I have passed through different phases in my artistic development and each one is a reference for my personal inclinations. I gather information from literature and from the great masters of universal and national art like Picasso, Wifredo Lam, Rene Portocarrero, Carlos Enriquez, Amelia Pelaez and the Mexican muralist painters Siqueiros and Orozco. When I paint I don’t think about the commercial aspect of my art, but I consider it a spiritual necessity to express elements of our culture, especially the aboriginal culture. Painting is my way of externalizing my emotions. Even if I were blind, my soul would continue  to paint my vision.

His paintings have been exhibited in museums and galleries at home and abroad, including :

Personal exhibit, Enigma de la Pachamama, Centro Para el Desarrollo Social “Guzman Blanco”,Caracas, Venezuela, November 2008
Exhibition, Primer Salon de Arte Erotico, “Aguas territoriales” Art Gallery,Casa de Cultura, Baracoa, Cuba, 2007.
Exhibition, Arte Correo y Medio Ambiente, Salon Internacional de Pequeno Formato, Ramon Ruberia Center, Nueva Paz, Havana, Cuba, October 2006.
Award, Salon Municipal de Instructores de Arte, “Aguas Territoriales” Art Gallery, Casa de Cultura, Baracoa, Cuba, June 2005.
Personal exhibit, Motivos aborigenes, Museo Matachin, Baracoa, Cuba, Nay 2005.

La Magia de sus Pintores (The Painter’s Magic)

La Magia de sus Pintores - Nuance Galleries
La Magia de sus Pintores – Nuance Galleries

By Elexis J. Fernandez Rubio Navarro and Rosendo Romero Suarez

This book is the first book to bring together the most representative works and artists of Cuba’s earliest settlement. Baracoa founded in 1492 by Christopher Columbus was the first capital, but because of it’s isolation from the rest of the country by a mountain range was replaced by Santiago. Yet the beauty of this city has always attracted writers, poets and artists. Among the artists in the book Nuance represents Guillermo Orlando Piedra Labanino, Jeho Rodriguez Saname, Roel Caboverde Llacer, and Mildo Matos Carcases. One of the authors Rosendo Romero Suarez visited Nuance last July 2015 and shared the challenges of the arts in Cuba and the amazing talent of this region. The book was published by the Friendship Association a non-profit organization based in St. Augustine that works to support good relationships with artists from Cuba and the US. This December, Tampa artist Taylor Ikin and Sarasota artist Jean Blackburn will be part of an exhibition honoring Cuban artist Rogelio Martinez in Guantanamo, Cuba organized by the Friendship Association. This book is one of the ways they support the arts of Cuba. It is for sale at Nuance Galleries for $25

Still Showing – Taylor Ikin and Matt Stock

804 S. Dale Mabry, Tampa
(813) 875-0511


STILL SHOWING thru November


unnamed (2)

Love Those Palms, Watercolor on Yupo by Taylor Ikin


unnamed (1)

Study in Blue, photograph by Matt Stock 


unnamed (2)

Morning Hike, Watercolor on Yupo by Taylor Ikin 


unnamed (3)

Heaven’s Gate, Photograph by Matt Stock


Our Cuban Collection featuring Caboverde, Lasseria, Ochoa, Rodriguez, Ferrer, Pavon, Pagan, Quiala, Pouyo, Yendi, Piedra, Sanchez, Aguilera, Reyes and more….


unnamed (4)

La Fuga, oil by Joherms Quiala Brooks



 unnamed (5)
Pescadore con Redes, oil by Caboverde


Our gallery is always a visual treat as we exhibit art from our Cuban collection, our many great Florida artists and the great artists like Alvar, Pino, Sam Park, Viktor Shvaiko and Charles Fazzino.