Taylor Ikin

Taylor_IkinTaylor Ikins Watercolors are different. Conservation, preservation and a love of nature and her bodies of water, lands, flora and fauna are the subject of her art. Described by critics as “heartfelt and empathetic,” my   Watercolor paintings on Yupo record the wonders and beauty, often taken for granted, and my images demonstrate the necessity of preserving in fact and in art for future generations. Artist Statement:

My specific strengths as a painter relate to my strong feelings about our earth and how we envision our responsibility as being the watchdog for our planet.  My images weave a positive story and are, by  subject matter, fairly enjoyable to the eye.  They are pleasing because I see the world of ours as a pleasing place.  I record the environment and, in so doing, build awareness while at the same time I leave a legacy.

My paintings have a rhythm and motion which consistently reflect my brushwork, and much of that has to do with my use of a synthetic surface called YUPO, a ‘tree free’ paper, originally used in the printing industry.  My goal is to create an exciting body of work, images to be enjoyed not only for their aesthetic quality, but also to foster a unique sense of awareness about park properties and public responsibilities as they regard our natural spaces.  In short, I hope to awaken the public to what is theirs – to respect it, enjoy it, and take pride in it.

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FL watercolorist, Hillsborough River, tropicals, Yupo paper

Original Watercolors