Laura Waller Statement

Laura WallerFor the past thirty years, my paintings have been informed by personal experience and travel, incorporating landscape and seascape as well as figurative and architectural elements. While interested in light, color and shapes, I seek to transform what I see, rather than depict reality. This approach broadens my scope of inquiry. I limit my palette in order to convey a certain harmonious or brooding mood of a place; broad brush strokes can activate a painting conveying a sense of raw physicality.

I seek to engage and challenge the viewer by allowing the work to have uncompleted segments, which allude to, rather than define shapes and edges.  I invite the viewer to complete my thought, much like an old friend can do during an animated conversation. In order to encourage that intimate connection, I often paint in a small format so that the paintings are viewed up close.  20th century master painters John Marin , Donald Teague , Edvard Munch and Maurice Prendergast, all of whom conveyed so much within such small spaces, have strongly influenced my work.

Having lived my life on either the Atlantic or Gulf coasts, I have long been intrigued with boats, the sea and the shore. My recent artwork is focused on coastal regions of Maine and California where I spend time each year. Recurrent themes from this “East Coast West Coast” series include seascapes of working waterfronts, harbors and beaches, with architectural elements such as cottages, boats and local landmarks. By infusing my paintings with an ephemeral and timeless quality, I seek to capture the unique coastal ambience and changing moods of the region.

Like many artists throughout history who have incorporated vessels as metaphors for the soul, I am drawn to sailing ships that seemingly have no boundaries; their path is as infinite as one’s spirit. As I paint boats and working waterfronts,the world is held in abeyance and I am transported. Harbors at dusk glow with the golden light of the setting sun; a time of peace for me.

Laura Waller