Keith Martin Johns Bio

Keith Martin Johns has been represented by Nuance Galleries since 2000.  His works are in many important collections.  The University of Tampa has 3 major paintings in its elegant ballroom atop the Vaughn Center.  One, a 10′ by 5′ painting the ‘The Bridegroom’s Chamber’ was commissioned by University of Tampa’s President Ron Vaughn.

Keith Martin Johns is a fourth generation Floridian, he has a rich family heritage of his own from his great grandfather Jody Anderson who forged a new frontier in Englewood, FL in agriculture, fishing and the cattle industry. The grandson of this Florida pioneer family was abundantly blessed and indelibly marked by a sense of Florida’s beauty and the ability to express that worth by recording its natural and cultural history in his paintings. Johns has painted the state professionally for over 38 years with over 400 painting titles. Keith’s desire is to help preserve by promoting Florida’s natural beauty, culture and heritage through the visual arts. He is doing this by an eye on Florida’s present ever-expanding growth and development and on its past history and heritage.


My Grandparents hosted many a picnic on their front lawn that overlooked the bay.  My life was constantly filled with family, fun and food.  Many of my relatives lived surrounding my grandparents on or near the bay.  I suppose the reason for it was because most were involved with my grandparents, working at their fish house, but to me it was just that all the families were enjoying each other.  Often at these picnics, there would be roasted oysters and large bay clams which had been gathered by some of the men.  Wash tubs of oysters and clams were spilled out on the grill that was placed over a trench full of fire.  When the heat steamed them open, they were then ready to be eaten.  Hot sauce was generously poured on the succulent delicacies.  That is a memory that I’ll not soon forget.  White washed picnic tables lined the waterfront and were full with my grandfather’s smoked mullet and my grandmother’s potato salad along with other family recipes.  The gentle bay winds blew across the front yard and rustled the cabbage palm branches that surrounded my grandparent’s house. Sun shined brightly through the tall pines and danced across the picnic tables: life was good.

I was fascinated by the bay and the smell of salt water, seaweed, and marine life that always seemed a part of the constant breeze that blew over the land.  The vast part of my paintings have water as a primary part of the composition, and in looking back into my childhood I no longer wonder why that is the case.
This versatile artist was born in Englewood, Florida, in 1954 in a small rural coastal town. He was born the son of a fisherman, which he writes “gave me a love for nature, along with my mother who delighted in the seashore”. Johns attended Trinity College of Florida, where he earned a BA in biblical studies. He graduated with a MFA from Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2014. He lives in Graceville Florida with his wife, Linda.

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