Gustavo Castillo Bio

As a child, I do not remember paying any particular attentions to art, but I was definitely in love with airplanes. I knew I would have to work hard to convince my father to allow me to be a pilot. When the time came, he suggested I study engineering, promising to pay for my flying lessons later. After a few years of the university, my passion for planes reached its peak. I ran to the airport for all necessary information on flying lessons and after a few arguments, my father agreed to pay for them.

But, that shows how little I knew about my wants and needs! Them Carmen came into my life. I watched her working on architectural illustrations for her school projects. She made it looks to easy. I decided to try my hand at painting. But it soon found that learning to paint in watercolors was like learning another language. For me, it was very much like learning to speak English.

Equipped with my instruction booklet, “How to paint in Oils”, I purchased several tubes of watercolor pigment and began to apply it directly to paper with a palette knife. It was love at first brush stroke, and my fascination with it was immediate, especially after Carmen explained to me that I needed to add some water. Them came my questions about colors, shapes, light, sizes. Why am I doing this… who am I doing this for… well, I am still looking for some of these answers, but most importantly during that process I began having a lot of fun.

Today the Fruit Series is giving me even more answers and I am pleased with some of the results. I’ve discovered it is not so much about the individual paintings outcome anymore, but the act of painting itself. That sometimes brings me that wonderful and sweet drowsiness that makes me go to the studio almost every day.

I use up to 15 layers of color, building luminosity. It allows me to see more deeply the richness of the subject, to experience the light and the flavors of the fruit.