Carrie Jadus Bio


Carrie M. Jadus was born in Tampa, Florida in 1976 and raised in the burgeoning city of Saint Petersburg. Encouraged by an ancestry of artists and a supportive family, Jadus acknowledged her aspiration at an early age. In her adolescence she attended Pinellas County Center for the Arts (PCCA) at Gibbs High School where she honed her skills and trained herself to work in a variety of mediums. She received several awards and recognition at prominent bay area museums while still in school. Inspired by adventure, Jadus journeyed to Europe after graduation and discovered a passionate fascination with Impressionism. However, upon her return she took an unexpected turn and studied Electrical Engineering, earning her Bachelor’s of Science from the University of South Florida. She continued working as an engineer for a number of years before the awareness that her career, although it provided a steady income and stability for her & her family, was not setting well with her heart. Unable to shake the uncertainty of her position, Jadus decided to abandon the life as an engineer to put all efforts into her true calling: fine arts. She has since thrived as an artist and has completely dedicated herself to her skills. Jadus is a Tampa Bay Artist and her work is exhibited in galleries and a part of private collections all over the world.


Art is a Story Unique to each of its Viewers. I recall that from the time I was very young, the works that most impressed me were those that contained not only beautiful images or themes, but also a story. I have come to believe that it is not just beauty we seek in art, but the medium through which our minds can create a fascinating tale. I hope my artwork can be a spark that ignites the imagination and creates a place for the viewer to get lost in their own story.