Carol McArdle Bio

Artist Statement

My paintings are born out of my sense of gratitude. They express my love and thanks for the beauty I find every day. What I see visually excites me and inspires me to make art.

Even when the subjects I paint are familiar ones that have been painted a thousand times my paintings will present a personal interpretation and way of looking at the scene. I do not want to paint anyone’s sense of beauty except my own but I also want my art to connect the beauty of the scene or subject with the viewer.

I also paint subjects that are not everyday scenes such as wilderness scenery and wildlife that can only be seen by getting off the beaten track away from where we live our everyday lives. I am always lifted by nature especially in preserved wild places and what I see inspires me to create my art.

I present my individual point of view by how I compose the painting, by my choice of the palette I use and colors I mix and by how I apply the paint, or brushwork. How I plan and choose each of these components carefully for each painting. Developing my own style is important to me but also not getting stuck in a single style keeps my artwork evolving, fresh and new all the time.