Carmen Lagos Bio

Artist Statement

My training as an architect provides me with a strong sense of design. I am constantly redesigning elements of nature, so my paintings become original “rearrangements.” I never copy nature, I orchestrate it. It is very much like a musical composition or a poem – the artist creates using elements of nature to give birth to a new creation. As the great architect Le Corbusier said, “Creation is a patient search.”

When I returned to watercolor after many years of experimenting with other media, I found the freshness and spontaneity I need to work on my flowers. The medium is very responsive to my personality, and allows me to express my inner vision.

Flowers offer me infinite possibilities to explore color, texture, light and atmosphere. I see flowers as design shapes as well as beautiful life forms. Flowers teach me so much about the color. Their colors change during the day – the color you get from them in the morning is gone in the afternoon, but another color is present. Plants have personalities, like people. If you pay attention to them, they will richly reward you with exciting discoveries.

When I came to Florida, I immediately saw that the flowers here were like those I remembered from home in Chile… graceful and feminine, the delicate crepe myrtle, hydrangeas, the camellias, and the wisteria. But the tropical plants of Barranquilla were also a part of my experience and my life with Gustavo. So I began to also explore my feeling for the voluptuous nature of tropical plant—the banana trees, the crotons, the bird of paradise.

There are so many directions a painting can take. That’s how I get to work on the same subjects, but with slight variations. The subject matter – flowers and foliage – offers me infinite possibilities to explore color, texture, light and beauty.