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Cuban Art and Other Fine Art for Sale

Nuance Galleries Offers an Eclectic and Extensive Array of Art for Sale Online

Looking for a variety of unique art, as well as modern Cuban art for sale? You have come to the right place. Nuance Galleries, one of the standout Tampa Bay Art Galleries for over 35 years, has shifted its focus to provide you with the same outstanding art collection exclusively online.

Owner Rob Rowen continues to provide the same one-on-one care for his clients as he sells his remaining collection at amazing prices. He is also continuing to showcase his unique Cuban art at galleries and museums interested in displaying this impressive collection.

Rob is devoting the rest of his time to the Global Action Network. The Global Action Network is a non-profit that he founded which works to improve conditions in Nepal and Africa. For more information on the Global Action Network, visit

Featured Famous Cuban Painters

Celebrate Cuban Culture with this variety of Contemporary Cuban Art

Nuance Galleries’ extensive and stylistically diverse collection of Cuban art reflects the social issues, intoxicating beauty, and Cuban culture of Eastern Cuba. The collection was selected for an 18-city tour throughout the United States and is the longest touring collection of contemporary Cuban art in the U.S. Over 200,000 visitors viewed the collection as the tour was extended twice due to popular demand.

The remarkable artists featured span generations, different points of view and artistic expression. Their collective paintings grace numerous museum and private collections worldwide. Nuance Galleries is the home to the Clyde Hensley Cuban Art Museum Collection which was included by the Art & Antiques Magazine in the Top 100 Collections of Art in America in 2006. Nuance Galleries now owns the complete collection of over 300 paintings.

Here is a sampling of some of these Cuban artists and their work.

Joherms Quiala Brooks

Joherms Quiala Brooks was born in 1970 in Guantanamo, Cuba. This gifted artist shows an unabashed admiration for Salvador Dali. However, Quiala’s style is different. His Cuba is tropical, the colors brilliant and beautiful, violent and sensual.

Reinaldo Pagan Avila

Reinaldo Pagan Avila was born in Santiago de Cuba on December 8, 1971. He became interested in painting at an early age and was often chosen by his teachers to represent his school in art contests.

Antonio Ferrer Cabello

Antonio Ferrer Cabello paints portraits and landscapes; creates drawings, watercolors, pastels and engravings; experiments with various techniques and explores a wide range of themes.

Roel Caboverde Yacer

Roel Caboverde Yacer was born in Baracoa on November 20, 1947 to Balvino Caboverde and Hermelina Yacer Ortiz, both campesinos (farmers). He remained in that charming coastal village throughout his childhood and attended a public school.

Limited Edition Prints and Original Fine Art

Explore Our Online Gallery of Unique Artists

Nuance Galleries online offers a range of artists and artistic styles to match any mood or atmosphere. Our collection features Florida wildlife, scenic streetscapes, pop art, realistic art, modern art, and everything in between.

Pieces range in size and price and include original works, giclée, signed and numbered prints, lithographs, etchings–all hand picked to provide you with the accent or artistic feature for your home or office you desire.

Here are a few of our many brilliant artists

Neil Adamson

Neil Adamson was born in Manchester, Connecticut, and has been a Florida resident since 1950. In 1972, Neil dedicated himself full time to painting the disappearing Florida wilderness and shoreline, although he continues to take occasional painting trips through New England.

Taylor Ikin

Taylor Ikins watercolors are unique. Conservation, preservation, and a love of nature and her bodies of water, land, flora and fauna are the subject of her art. Described as “heartfelt and empathetic” her paintings record the wonders and beauty often taken for granted.

Mary GrandPre

Mary GrandPre is an American illustrator and writer who created the U.S. editions of the Harry Potter book covers. The limited-edition book cover prints that are signed and numbered by the artist are based on the characters in the Harry Potter series.

Marty Balin

Marty Balin is the founder of Jefferson Airplane, the current lead singer of Jefferson Starship, and a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee. While touring the world, Balin managed to capture on canvas many of the people he shared the stage with in vibrant and exciting ways.

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